100% leads engaged. 34% signed cases... How this personal injury law firm upgraded their intake.


Everyone wants more cases, so most firms focus on generating more leads. Leads flow into various inboxes from a multitude of sources, costing the firm and putting added pressure on your team. Good leads slip through the cracks. The partners get annoyed. Staff feel anxious and overwhelmed.

Our client had built a large presence with significant referral relationships. However, they hadn’t embraced systems and automation when it came to intake. Copious manual work often meant callers were pushed to voicemail, undesirable prospects were ignored which posed a reputational risk, and follow up on leads was inconsistent. They wanted a better solution than just hiring more staff.

Our goal was to eliminate the overwhelm, identify the best lead sources, and ensure no good lead was left behind.

To achieve as much, we built an intake system that streamlined leads from all sources, automated repeatable steps in the intake process, and tracked performance. Within 90 days we were able to fine tune their system, reducing the time and manual effort it takes to convert a qualified lead into a client.

“Accountability, oversight, consistency and conversion have all been greatly improved. Our team feels in total control of the intake process.”
- Head of Intake


Streamline all leads into a singular platform. Create automations for referrals partners


Integrate existing systems with intake to eliminate duplication of efforts

Equip intake team with lead tracking capabilities, CRM, messaging, and notifications


Introduce automation to enhance speed-tolead, follow-up, and conversions


Analyze the data to know what’s working, where to invest further, and what requires further improvement.

Our team feels in total control of the intake process

Head of Intake


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of leads engaged (either by call, text,email or chat)

0 %

of all leads convert to cases

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less time manually chasing leads

Key Takeaways

Build a data-driven intake system that leverages automation so you have an effective and consistent process for closing leads to clients.

Engage your team and seek buy-in

Embrace the process to reap the rewards. Everyone plays their part. Everyone feels valued.

Engage leads in meaningful ways while automating notifications, follow up messaging, and redundant tasks.

Simplify everywhere possible.