More Clients. Less Effort!

Maximize your advertising ROI by increasing conversions and reducing the time you spend chasing new leads with LOOP

Introducing LOOP

You may be painfully aware of the time it takes to chase after new leads, only to have your outreach efforts go unanswered. LOOP is the ultimate lead nurturing tool for busy law firms. Reach qualified leads before your competitors and save your firm hours of time each month. 

  • No more spinning wheels and rock-bottom ROI
  • No more lost or forgotten leads
  • MORE clients booking every day



Attention spans are short online. Lead conversions are reported to be 120% higher if you make contact within the first two minutes. Wait just one hour and close rates drop to just 36%. LOOP enables you to reach prospects the minute they raise their hand.


Email inboxes are flooded. You need to reach prospects where they are most engaged… on their phones. LOOP enables you to add text, voicemail and social capabilities to your campaigns and connect with prospects on their preferred channel.


Attorneys and their teams are busy. Weeding through hundreds of unqualified leads is a drain on time and resources. LOOP works on autopilot for your firm to nurture your leads, alerting you only when a prospect is engaged and ready to be closed.

LOOP Features

What can be tracked can be measured… and what is measured is managed. Manage your marketing efforts on all channels to optimize budgets and grow your law firm.


LOOP centralizes leads from all sources into a single platform, organizing pipelines for effortless contact management. LOOP responds to inquiries immediately increasing closing rates by as much as 391%.


Curate email, text and phone experiences, encouraging clients to a point of conversion. It can take six follow-ups to close a deal. Supercharge your system with personalized messaging for new leads and ongoing communications for existing clients.


Manage, protect and showcase your firm’s reputation with LOOP. Leverage automation to generate more reviews and touch points with your clients, creating a more personalized experience that turns clients into advocates.

Access anywhere, any way. LOOP seamlessly integrates and is accessible for mobile use. Don’t miss a beat, monitor remotely and communicate effortlessly.

LOOP: Integrations

All of your apps = seamless integration. LOOP works with:







An Invitation To See LOOP In Action

We’ve laid it all out so you can see this tool in action.
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