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LOOP helps law firms eliminate overwhelm, save time and close the loop from lead to client. 

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Law firms aren't known for being early adopters to new technologies. But the pace of business today is causing an increasing strain on attorneys. LOOP is designed to help law firms automate repetitive tasks and centralize opportunities in one location. Make every day easier with LOOP so you can focus on growing your practice and getting back to life.

  • No more repetitive intake tasks
  • No more lost or forgotten leads
  • MORE clients booking every day

No lead left behind

What can be tracked can be measured and what is measured is managed.
Manage your marketing efforts to optimize budgets and grow your firm.

Improve your marketing ROI

LOOP delivers every lead into your firm’s custom pipeline regardless of the source for powerful lead tracking. Assign owners and tasks, schedule appointments, and gain valuable insight into your most effective marketing campaigns to increase ROI and drive down acquisition costs.

Save time with automation

Follow up is exhausting, but incredibly effective. Automation ensures that while you are practicing law, LOOP is working in the background to improve your conversion rates with consistent follow-up on your prospects’ preferred channels.

Better service. More reviews

Leverage the ONE asset your competitors can’t! The voice of YOUR clients! Manage and showcase your firm’s reputation with LOOP. Leverage automation to generate more reviews and touch points with your clients, creating a more personalized experience that turns clients into advocates.

Key features to fuel law firm growth 


Simplify your client intake process, eliminate manual processes and get clarity on where your highest converting leads are coming from.


Automate your lead nurture and appointment booking processes to reduce the demands on your firms time and resources.

Lead Conversions TOOLS

Customise your lead generation forms within LOOP and seamlessly integrate on your website/landing pages for greater conversions.


LOOPS pre-built follow-up system fosters better relations with clients and generates more reviews consistently on autopilot each month.

Simpler Document Signing

Draft and get e-sign enabled documents sent to prospects with our integrations, saving you time and reducing the need for 1-on-1 meetings.

Robust Call Tracking

Know who is calling and how they found you, pinpointing your most effective marketing efforts so you can scale these campaigns and grow.

Access anywhere, any way. LOOP seamlessly integrates and is accessible for mobile use. Don’t miss a beat, monitor remotely and communicate effortlessly.

What LOOP Users Are Saying

LOOP has made reporting as easy as hitting a button instead of spending a day digging through various spreadsheets to identify lead sources.

Lindsay Kelley

LOOP has made everything easier. It ensures that everything is documented and that nothing slips through the cracks. We’re not managing a ton of spreadsheets anymore. We have everything organized in one source.

Byron Jones

We understand that our business is competitive. Being able to automatically respond to a client as they reach out to us, it gives us that advantage, the ability, to let them know that someone is going to reach out to them.

Creighton Knight

LOOP is user-friendly and makes it easy to track current cases. The notes section is useful for being able to keep track of last contact or contact attempts and any notes that were added.

Bruce Carey

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Connect LOOP with 2,000+ apps to automate tedious workflows and increase productivity.


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