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The data-driven consumer experience has arrived for legal services:
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Many stay stuck at their current level of success — not doing bad, but not growing at the pace they really want and eventually becoming stagnant. Yet, a select few ambitious attorneys decide to pursue unreasonable growth There’s a BIG difference between the destinations these two paths will lead you In a state of gradual growth, you work hard to get ahead. It’s growth by grit and luck alone.  

It’s how I started. And it’s what most (average) attorneys do.

You grow bit by bit, every year. It works… until something changes… and things stop working. In today’s legal landscape, everything is evolving very fast. If you struggle to adapt, you’ll fail to keep up and you’ll become stagnant. Before you know it, you get left behind. You lose out on all the best clients, and you painfully watch as all highest-value cases go to the firms who manage to stand out from the noise. That’s because in today’s competitive market, even if you’re an outstanding lawyer, you’re getting lost in the shuffle. The reality is: the legal game has changed. It’s not a level playing field anymore… and it’s getting harder to compete. The ONLY way to truly thrive these days is to set your firm apart from the competition and stand out as the obvious choice in your market. Doing this requires you to take a different path: The path of unreasonable growth.

If you’re an ambitious attorney, chances are you’re already successful.But you know you’ve only achieved a tiny fraction of your true potential. I’m here to lead by example… to challenge you to play a bigger game and achieve the next level of growth for your firm.

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Hi there, If you found me on Google, I’m not surprised. I’ve put in my 30,000+ hours obsessing over search-ranking algorithms, systems building, and scalable growth.

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