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Learn why Gartner named Optimizely a Leader in Magic Quadrant for DXP

The 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms illuminates DXP market trends and assesses the strengths and cautions of DXP vendors. 16 vendors are included in the report. These vendors are evaluated against their ability to execute and are then positioned in the quadrant according to whether they are a Leader, a Challenger, a Visionary or a Niche Player.

In the report you will discover:

  • Why Optimizely is named a Leader in DXP
  • DXP market trends and advice for decision making
  • DXP market trends and advice for decision making

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Frequently Asked Questions About Intake

4 minutes Should I have a dedicated intake professional?
The best part of an internal intake team is that they will know your firm, your process, your tools, your market, your attorneys, better than any outsourced team can. It’s important to note though that unless you have someone actively hiring, training, and managing this team, you may not achieve the desired outcomes. If you intend to place an emphasis on intake, then an in-house team can be a terrific asset to your firm. But if you don’t have the resources to do it well, trusted outsourced teams like Legal Conversion Center offer budget-friendly and effective solutions.

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Optimize for Intake

7 minutes If your intake team is operating much as they did ten or even five years ago, you have fallen behind. Behind the times, behind the expectations of today’s empowered (and vocal!) consumer, and behind your competition.

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Holding the Intake Team Accountable

3 minutes It’s important that you hold your intake team accountable to your high standards and processes. Every call is a representation of your firm. Your intake team should be clear on your expectations and what you are looking to hold them accountable to, which is a mix of both key metrics as well as call handling protocol.

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