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Law Firm Growth


Align your team with a clearly defined strategy and roadmap for growth.
Law Firm Growth


Reclaim time and streamline growth with our AI and automation-led systems.
Law Firm Growth


Unlock your data to better inform decisions and achieve next level growth.

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A Law Firm Growth Partner You Can Trust
Kerri utilizes her years in the legal industry, as well as her experience as a gifted instructor and educational leader, to arm her clients with the growth systems and data-intelligence that will transform their practice. She accomplishes all of this with an abundance of energy, insight, intellect, and humor.

The Law Firm Growth Machine.

Unlock Your Growth Potential.

Since partnering together, we’ve been honored to implement custom systems and cutting-edge data analytic solutions for large, multi-million dollar law firms. We’ve codified what we learned from our real-world experience and condensed into a proven method for accelerating growth. We call this solution the Law Firm Growth Machine™.

Anatomy of the
Law Firm Growth Machine.

Fueled By Data. Driven by Systems.


We help law firms implement systems to streamline operations and accelerate growth.


Performance data is tracked, centralized and visually presented to elevate intelligence.


Intelligence is leveraged to assist growth decision-making and increase marketing ROI.

Case Study.

From Struggling to thriving