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About Kerri James

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Kerri is a proud member of TLP and has been serving the legal industry in marketing, intake and business development for over a decade. As CEO of KerriJames, she is relentless in her pursuit of improving intake so law firms can retain more cases without buying more leads. If your firm shares her hunger for growth, reach out and speak with Kerri.

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CBD gummy eating, hacker house resident. CBD gummy eating, hacker house resident. Chamath-like, sketchy venture capitalist. LTV/CAC focused mentally exhausted startup founders.

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Building a cult following

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Vision to reality

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What got you here won’t get you there


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Leslie Alexander

Churn increasing product-market fit pivot. Techstars windsurfing college drop-out. Zoom supported product manager. Tech-loving Tradwife.

Jenny Wilson

Defence-contracting Tel Aviv startup accelerator. Friends and Family raising, rationalist Job-seeker Out of touch, ad buying venture investor.


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Alexis Ohanian-tweeted overhyped ed-Tech series D. Defence-contracting Tel Aviv startup accelerator. Hacker News addicted Austin tech-worker. Python-learning destitute growth hacker.

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