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2x Growth for

Data Driven Law Firms

We help law firms 2x their growth within 12-months by implementing our proven growth machine built on strategy, systems and data intelligence.

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Source: McKinsey
More likely to acquire customers.
More likely to retain customers.
More likely to be profitable.
Source: McKinsey

Why KerriJames.

Data intelligence takes your law firm to the next level.

The attorneys that leverage AI will survive and prosper over the firms that cling to the mantra, ‘If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.
- Thompson Reuters

There are no shortcuts to growth. Rather, success comes from small, actionable improvements, delivered consistently over time.

Business books from the 20s and 30s still hold undeniable truths because the steps to success are not elusive.

And yet they are not easy.

But every few decades something happens that upends the world in ways that dramatically affect business, marketing, and growth.Making winners of those that are nimble and adapt, and laggards of those that fail to embrace change.

In the legal industry you can think back to the late 1970s and the change in advertising regulation.

Or the 1990s when the World Wide Web crept into homes across the country transforming life as we knew it.

The 2020s is all about Data Intelligence.

Now, to be clear, the legal sector is a services based industry. Therefore, data will not displace human intelligence. Rather, it’s those firms that combine both human intelligence with data that will thrive.

The acceleration of AI and automation will change the structure and skills required to grow in the industry.

Many repetitive activities will fall under the domain of AI, supervised by humans.

But first, law firms must successfully break down silos between the departments that are central to their growth, such as marketing, intake and support.

KerriJames works with these departments to implement systems that streamline the capturing of leads, retention of clients and enhancement of your law firms reputation.

Systems that allow attorneys and staff to regain time and accelerate growth.

We then collect and analyze the data from these systems so you can leverage the insights to make more intelligent growth decisions. Decisions that enable you to spend more to acquire cases, knowing you are generating a greater return on this investment.

So, the question is, are you ready to lead and become a data driven law firm?

The good news is that you’re still early.

But data moves fast.

NOW is the time to harness the power of data in your practice, to leverage its potential, and take your growth to…


Why Kerri James

2x Your Growth in 12 Months

KerriJames has been honored to advise and help implement custom growth systems backed by powerful data analytics reporting for large, multi-million dollar law firms. We’ve codified what we’ve learned from our real world experiences and condensed it into a proven system for doubling the growth of your law firm. We call this solution the Law Firm Growth Machine™.

Coming Soon:
The Law Firm Growth Machine

Coming Soon:
The Law Firm
Growth Machine

Meet Kerri

Co-founder and CEO of KerriJames
Kerri utilizes her years in the legal industry, as well as her experience as a gifted instructor and educational leader, to arm her clients with the growth systems and data-intelligence that will transform their practice. She accomplishes all of this with an abundance of energy, insight, intellect, and humor.

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